Why Choose Us?

The In Charge Office Solutions Advantage:

  • Commitment to Quality: There is a true respect and appreciation for the Healthcare Provider, and we go out of our way to meet your billing and administrative needs. Our goal is to receive the maximum reimbursement for your claims while maintaining excellent client and provider-patient relationships.
  • Experience and Knowledge: We have a proven record of increasing reimbursement through detailed¬† knowledge of the Correct Coding Initiative. In our field, continuing education is the key to success and industry knowledge. Through webinars, seminars, and conferences, and various agency press releases, we keep current on any changes that may affect your claims and payments.
  • Oversight: With detailed monthly reports and online access to your claims, many of our clients feel more informed about the status of their accounts than when they had in-house billing. Every payment is checked against your fee schedule with the insurance company to ensure maximum reimbursement. Incorrect denials are promptly sent back to the insurance company for correction and payment.
  • Communication and Responsiveness: Good client and patient relationships are a priority at In Charge Office Solutions. If your patients have questions about their claims or balances, we are available to answer them. We also keep our clients up-to-date on changes resulting from healthcare reform, the upcoming ICD-10 transition, and any other applicable issues. This partnership allows for more efficient billing processes and quicker payment.