“Emma and In Charge are true professionals. Since we have started working with them, our bills have been sent out and have been collected on within the time frames that they promised us. They always seem to be on top of any issues that may arise and are a valuable resource when we have questions we need answered. We have used an outside billing company for our needs for the last 12 years, and this company is by far the best we have ever had. I would highly recommend them to others in our profession.” – S.V.

“We attempted to do our own in-house billing for a number of years and discovered, much too late, that we were grossly short changing ourselves. We then chose to use a small one person billing service recommended by a colleague only to find that this was grossly unsuccessful. In Charge Office was then recommended to us by a source we deemed reliable and we’ve never looked back. Emma and her team has proven more than reliable. I really am appreciative that we can finally leave the billing in someone else’s hands and feel confident in the outcome.” – R.H.

“When I started working for my employer, In Charge Office Solutions was already in place and had been for some time. I found Emma to be extremely helpful, always available and very knowledgeable. My employer is a surgeon and In Charge does all of our pre-certifications, to date we have never not been paid. Getting charges to Emma is very easy, our billing is done in a timely manner and our cash flow is steady. All unpaid claims are followed up on regularly and any problems that pop up are dealt with quickly and professionally. I am completely satisfied with the work In Charge Office Solutions does and I would not hesitate to recommend them.” — L.P.

“We recently hired Emma Calkins with In Charge Office Solutions. This has been a great asset to our medical practice. We have found it to be a very efficient way for processing claims. The turn-around is very quick and I would highly recommend this company.” — K.D.

“We recently contracted with In Charge Office Solutions through Emma Calkins, owner, and have been more than pleased with her services.

Before we hired Emma, our billing was sporadic in that it was difficult to obtain a person who was dedicated to this most important element of our surgical practice. We turned all accounts over to Emma and through her thorough follow-through, she discovered old accounts that had been billed incorrectly. With her expert knowledge and “get the job done” attitude, she was able to re-bill, appeal and collect on many old accounts.

Most importantly, Emma is committed to staying updated on all Medicare and insurance changes and we reply on her to correct coding for optimal reimbursement within the legal guidelines.

Working with Emma has decreased my daily functions in that we fax all changes, payments, and EOBs to her on a daily basis. I continue to make the daily deposits but Emma does all the posting, collections and sending of monthly statements.

Using Emma’s billing service has been extremely cost-effective. We no longer need to pay a high salary and benefits to a person in that position.

In Charge Office Solutions also does the billing for two other physicians in our office who have their own private practice. We have complete confidence in Emma’s work and she always maintains open lines of communication. She has increased our cash flow greatly and I would highly recommend In Charge Office Solutions to anyone considering the use of a billing service.” — J.H.

(On Continuing Education): “We enjoyed being at a seminar listening to someone who actually bills! Normally it’s someone who speaks in big concepts which leaves me scratching my head. I actually learned something from you, you were great!”