What We Do

With ever-changing insurance regulations and constant decline in reimbursement for health care professionals, it is our goal to take that burden off of the medical office. Healthcare is a business, but it is a business that should not get in the w ay of patient care.

Let US take charge of reimbursement, while saving you time and money. From PQRS, to QDC, to ICD-10, we’re current on the requirements and prepared to implement.

All services are provided with the utmost care and respect for your business.

Medical Insurance Billing & Appeals

  • Claims are submitted electronically when possible, and on paper when necessary.
  • In Charge Office Solutions will bill any charges submitted within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Any claims not paid to provider within 2 weeks of the initial billing will be followed up on. Any necessary action will be taken, with the ultimate goal of getting you paid.
  • Our fee is a percentage of what is paid to the provider, and is a competitive rate.

Surgery Authorizations

We initiate and do any follow up required for surgery authorizations with insurance companies.

As a bonus: when a procedure is authorized, In Charge Office will calculate estimated patient out-of- pocket and return the information with the authorization. A well informed patient prior to the procedure will be more likely to promptly pay their balance. Your office may also choose to collect the estimate up front.

Patient Billing/Collections

Every dollar that is owed to your practice is earned and should be received. It is understood by our staff that patient collections must be done softly, yet effectively. Summary of what is offered:

  • Monthly statements sent to patients for any patient responsibility on their accounts.
  • Set up & monitor payment plans, when necessary
  • Initiate collection calls & letters, when necessary
  • Patient calls In Charge Office Solutions with any questions about their bills
  • Our fee is a percentage of what is paid to the provider.

Insurance Credentialing/Re-Credentialing

Remove the headache of the credentialing and contracting process by letting us do it for you!

Our fee is a flat rate, and will cover whatever it takes to get your practice contracted with the requested insurance company.

Medical Transcriptions

Quickly receive your transcribed reports, with two delivery options available. Call in your dictations and have your reports back to you within 48 hours. For practices that prefer physical tapes, courier services are provided by In Charge Office Solutions  in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Contract Work

Contract work is available, should your office require work that is not outlined above. Examples are:

  • Email Marketing campaigns
  • Data Entry
  • Staff training (streamlining office processes)