Provider FAQs

What are the benefits over in-house medical billing?

In Charge Office Solutions offers quality coding and billing at a fee that has saved our clients an average of 35% over in-house billing. The cost of sick time, workers’ compensation insurance, paid vacation, etc. for an employee can add up, and contracting with In Charge Office Solutions will alleviate that cost for your practice. Our focus is on correct coding and maximum reimbursement, and our clients are kept up to date on new insurance regulations and developments. Many in-house billing employees are distracted by phones, filling in at the front desk, etc. and cannot make accounts receivable a priority. Our fee is based on what you are paid rather than how many hours we are working, so our primary focus is getting you money, faster!

How do you charge for your services? Is there a contract?

Our fees vary depending on services provided for your practice. Medical billing is charged at a percentage of total revenue received for the practice. This structure gives incentive to get your practice the maximum reimbursement possible in a timely manner. Clients are billed at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s fee. Initial contract is six months, and then becomes month-to-month.

How do you receive the charges for billing?

There are multiple ways you can get the charges to us for billing. The preferred method is by uploading charges to our secure server. A software program is installed on your computer (at no cost to you) that allows you to upload your charges. The files are encrypted and sent securely to our server, and you will receive immediate confirmation that charges were received. You can also fax your charges to us, in which case we can provide forms.

Is In Charge Office Solutions HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Everyone at In Charge Office Solutions is HIPAA certified, and data is backed up daily on a server that exceeds HIPAA security standards.

Who does a patient call with billing questions?

Patients call In Charge Office Solutions directly with any billing questions. We find that helping a patient understand their out of pocket expenses in a clear and courteous manner results in a higher likelihood of timely payment. You can also refer all benefit/out of pocket questions prior to a procedure to us. Maintaining good provider/patient relationship is a top priority.

Do we have to buy any software? How will I keep track of the billing?

No software purchase is required. All clients of In Charge Office Solutions receive a unique login/password to our clearinghouse website, where you can easily see all claims submitted and their current status. You will also have the capability to run reports from this website. This is in addition to your month-end reports from In Charge Office Solutions, which include charges billed, payments received, Accounts Receivable, and any other applicable reports for your practice.

Where will my payments be sent?

Payments are sent to you! We receive notification when a claim is paid via ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice), and the claim is paid directly to you, the provider of service. If ERA is not available or set up for your practice, payment information can be given in the same way charges are. Patient payments are also sent directly to the provider.

What are the steps to signing up with your company? How long will it take to be up and running?

You can get started immediately by requesting a quote. Many insurers allow for immediate transition and electronic claim transmission. For any insurers that require written EDI agreements (i.e. Medicare), we will provide all applicable agreements for your review and signature. ERA agreements and any EDI agreements are usually processed/approved in 2-3 weeks.

Can you help us with Insurance Contracting/Credentialing and/or Medicare Provider Enrollment?

Yes, one of our most popular services is credentialing. Charged at a flat fee, we complete any necessary paperwork and negotiate the fee schedule for your practice.