Patient FAQs

You are likely here because your doctor contracts with In Charge Office Solutions for their insurance and patient billing services. We are a third party medical billing company with nine years of experience. Please read over our Patient FAQs, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Why doesn’t my doctor’s office process the billing?

The health care insurance industry is complex and constantly changing. Because of this, many healthcare providers chose to contract with third party medical billing companies to manage the billing of insurance and patient accounts. Your bills still show your provider’s name and information, and all payments are sent directly to your provider. Our office becomes involved should you have any questions about your bill, or about the way your insurance company processed your claim.

How does In Charge Office Solutions get my information? Is it secure?

Your healthcare provider gives only the necessary information to In Charge Office Solutions in order to bill your insurance for services provided. All transmissions and backup of personal health information is via a server that exceeds HIPAA standards. Learn more about our policies to protect personal information.

Why did the insurance company state I’m responsible for this amount?

If your insurance company has processed your claim and you are receiving a bill, they have determined a portion or all of the balance is your responsibility. Some of the reasons for this may include your yearly deductible, any co-insurance, or co-payment.

Why do I have a deductible?

Every insurance policy is different. We can assist with checking your remaining deductible, however you should contact your insurance company for the details of your plan.

What is a “non-covered” service?

There are many reasons a claim may be processed this way. Common reasons are: pre-existing condition, preventative service, cosmetic.

Can I make payment arrangements?

Should you require a payment arrangement for your balance, every effort will be made to reach an agreement that is reasonable for both parties. Each office has its own policies, and each account is handled accordingly.

Can I make a payment over the phone?

Yes, we can take payment over the phone.