ICD-10: Quick Reminders!

When to Start Using ICD-10

Use ICD-10 codes on all dates of service 10/1/15 and later. Dates of service prior to 10/1/15 should be submitted with ICD-9 codes no matter the claim submission date.

In short: date of service dictates the code set used, not date of submission.

Can You Dual Submit?

Dual processing is when a company will accept either code set or both to give leeway to providers that may be a bit behind in readiness. Medicare is however not allowing this, and most private payers are not allowing this either.

In short: adherence to the 10/1/15 transition date is the safest way to ensure no delay in reimbursements to your practice. Dual code submission will not be time saving or beneficial.

Are There Exceptions?

Workers Compensation and Personal Injury carriers are not federally mandated to switch to ICD-10. In California it appears that all or most all WC carriers are honoring the 10/1/15 transition, however we are still checking with each company prior to submitting first claims. We are also checking with all Personal Injury carriers (Medpay, etc.) to be sure.

In short: Most are honoring the 10/1/15 transition date, but you may want to check with WC and PI carriers to be certain.


Happy Coding! If you are an In Charge Office Solutions client, call or email with any specific questions you may have. We are here to help and make the transition as smooth as possible, and can set up training meetings if you are in the Bay Area.

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