Affordable Care Act: It’s Here, Now What?

Lately it seems difficult for people to discuss the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without things turning political, but that is what we are going to try to do here. Like it or not, changes are coming and some have already taken place

Insurance companies have had to create new plans that align with the provisions of the ACA, and with those new plans come new provider networks. These networks are generally EPOs – Exclusive Provider Organizations – which carry no out-of-network benefits.  Blue Shield of California recently sent out a “Q&A” about their ACA compliant EPO highlighting the fact that any services provided by a non EPO provider will receive no benefit. If the percentage of EPO plans increases greatly, it will be more important than ever to check a patient’s benefits before they are seen and make sure your practice is a part of their network. Get new patient insurance information over the phone at the time the initial appointment is made, and make it a routine part of your office processes.

Since  many practices are also small businesses, the reform will affect them in multiple ways.  Many of my clients have already received notice that their employee’s health plans will need to be changed to comply with the ACA, and with those new plans come higher premiums. A higher bill is the last thing any business wants, BUT, if there are truly more insured patients (and that is the plan), the increase in patient flow may make up for the increase in cost to your business.

With so much information thrown at those of us in the healthcare industry, it is important to sift through it and stay informed. There will be parts of the ACA that necessitate a change in how your practice is run. Only time will tell how many of these changes will ultimately effect business, and more importantly, patient care.

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