Have You Heard? We’ve Gone Paperless!

One of the most frequent questions asked by prospective clients is, “How do you receive the charges?” HIPAA compliance is always on the forefront of everyone’s mind, and third-party medical billing requires transmission of protected health information. Email does not meet HIPAA security standards, so the most common method of charge transmissions were fax and courier service.

Seeking to create a more convenient means of transmission for our clients, In Charge Office Solutions has launched a new program this week. We have developed a software program exclusively for our clients that makes uploading charges to our server quick, easy, and secure.

How Does it Work?  keyboard

Clients simply:

  •  Scan their own superbill or use our fillable PDF
  •  Drop the file into a specified folder and double click on the “In Charge Office” icon.
  • The program pulls all files from the folder, encrypts the information, and uploads them directly to our server.

Clients receive immediate confirmation that their files have been received for posting/billing. The program and our server exceed HIPAA privacy and security standards.

Our hope is that this program increases efficiency, cuts down on paper usage, and gives peace of mind that your information is secure.

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